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Straight Club

Straight Club is a Pop and RnB band that comes from a small city named Bandar Lampung. Consisting of 5 people named Abed as a Guitarist and Vocalist, Rere as a Bassist and Vocalist, Zidane as a Guitarist, Raihan as a Sequencer, and Dinand as a Drummer. 
 Formed on late 2019, Straight Club introduced themself's to the world by releasing they're first single on early 2021 called "Tak Lagi Bersama" that's written by Abed, the Vocalist himself, and they also released a Music Video of "Tak Lagi Bersama" on mid 2021. They also released they're second single on late 2021 called "My Untold Story" that's written by Straight Club Guitarist, Zidane.