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Abi RV

Abi RV is a singer-songwriter, rock guitarist, and music producer from Malang, and currently lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. He started his music journey at the age of 10. His curiosity in music has made him as well as a music trainer, keyboard player, music producer, and director. He has been active in many music communities with various genres from ethnic to jazz, but his musical passion can’t move far from alternative-rock and country-pop music, mainly influenced by Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Mr. Big, Bon Jovi, and Dewa 19. In 2017, Abi and his former band had a chance to come to Auckland and some other towns in New Zealand to do performances and musical projects with local musicians. From those sessions, Abi met a singer-songwriter based in Auckland, New Zealand, Terrence Underwood, who saw his potential in music and then decided to do some projects together with him. Abi and Terrence became partners in producing songs. Abi left his bands in the following year and decided to become a solo performer. He built his own recording studio both for working his projects and his clients’ projects. He had clients from New Zealand, England, and Indonesia. His decision to move to Jakarta this year is obviously because he's going to carry his music career to the next level.